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You can apply for this permit making an investment of not less than two hundred fifty thousand US dollars (USD$250,000.00) in a Panamanian company located in the area.


  1. Power of attorney and application;
  2. Three passport size (3 ) photographs;
  3. Copy of passport duly notarized by a Panamanian Notary;
  4. Criminal background check;
  5. Good health certificate (must be obtained in Panama);
  6. B/.250.00 Certified Check issued in behalf of the National Treasury ;
  7. B/.800.00 Certified Check issued in of the National Immigration Service ;
  8. Affidavit Form (Personal History).  (Will be provided by our offices);
  9. Certification issued by the Panama -Pacific Special Agency , certifying :
  • The existence of the company and its location;
  • That the company is in good standing with the agency;
  • That the company is authorized under the special provisions of Law No. 41 of 2004 ;

   10. Certification of the treasurer or the secretary of the company stating the ownership of the shares issued in favor of the alien,   or that they are released and paid;

  11. Certification issued by the company Public Accountant stating or detailing the amount invested in the company by the applicant and the owner of the invested capital;

  12. Copies of the shares certificates issued to the applicant ;

  13. Proof that the applicant is in good standing with the Panamanian tax administration.

   14. Authenticated copy of the Social Security payroll documents of the company with a minimum of three (3 ) Panamanian employees, earning at least minimum wage established by law and according to the region;

   16. Proof that the Company is in good standing with the Social Security Administration if the company has more than two months of operating

   17. Bank letter stating that the funds invested came or were made abroad;

    18. Proof of investment , which is demonstrated by the presentation of at least two (2 ) of the following documents :

  • Copy of the purchase agreement duly registered or lease of the property in which the company operates or is based ;
  • or commercial bills of expenses incurred by the investor in the company along with a detailed inventory prepared and certified by the Company’s CPA;
  • Copy of the resolution of the company registration with the Panama-Pacific Agency..

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